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If you don’t see a Latinx Caucus for your state listed here, please contact your state Green Party and ask if they have one. If they do, please help us update this list by emailing us your state Latinx Caucus information to [email protected].

Form A State Caucus

We are urging all Green Party members nationwide to organize and affiliate caucuses with their state Green Party. State caucuses help your state Green Party grow and increase participation and representation of historically oppressed groups. Green Party members can organize various caucuses such as a Black Caucus, Indigenous Caucus, Latinx Caucus, Lavender Caucus, and Women's Caucus. 

National caucuses will assist state Green Parties with rules that allow caucuses to be affiliated and accredited with the state Green Party. In these States a caucus would be able to have a Caucus Delegate with full voting rights to be assigned to the State Green Party “State Committee” or “Central Committee”. Each State Green Party has a “Central Committee” or “State Committee” that is the final decision-making body of the State Party.

However, some state Green Parties do not have rules for caucuses to be affiliated and accredited with representation and full voting rights on the state Committee or Central Committee. Instead, these states would allow a caucus to form as a “Working Group” without any representation or voting rights on the State Committee or Central Committee. In these States, a “caucus working group” can submit presentations and recommend proposals to amend the state Green Party By-Laws to allow for caucuses to be affiliated and accredited with representation and full voting rights on the State Committee.

Organize, Volunteer, Educate!

With millions of oppressed people in the United States, we need caucuses in every state to help our Latinx communities organize!

To form a caucus in your state: 

Sample By-Laws:

To contact your state Green Party: 

If you are unable to contact anyone in your state Green Party, please send the National Green Party Latinx Caucus an email at [email protected] and we will help you connect with your state Green Party representative.


Latinx Caucus of GPUS, Dated September 18, 2020

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